The first post

As a first entry, this feels strange to write. As of this moment, I am very much writing into the void. There are only two people who know this space exists, and I am one of them. I hope, given time, the void will begin to recede as others find The Write Site, but if not, I’m happy to keep filling my empty corner of the internet with what I create.

This site is going to be my space for sharing what I am writing, be that novel chapter drafts, scripts, book reviews or even just my opinions on the world around me. I am going to try and publish something at least once a month to start, but I hope to increase the amount as time goes on. Given much of what will be posted will be in draft form, some spelling and grammatical errors might creep in, but I’ll try and keep them to a minimum. At heart though, this is a site for ideas.

Over time I may also branch out and have contributors post their own work here, giving them a space to share their  ideas too. That is a long way in the future though and, for now, I’m content to have finally written something as the idea for The Write Site has been banging around in my brain for a while. So, if there is anyone out there reading this, I hope you enjoy. If not, I am at least enjoying the process.



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