#6 Home

Our eyes didn’t meet across a crowded room. We didn’t see each other and ‘just know’. Acquaintances first, then friends. We chatted then talked, talked then comforted, comforted then reassured. Right time, right place, we were there when we both needed someone and then, suddenly and all at once, we fell together into love, into outstretched arms that knew what they wanted, what they needed, before we ever did. We both had reasons not to, you tried to push me away, but it was never going to work. Healing to be done, wounds to be cauterised, infections to be drained. No flirty sticking plasters or romantic bandages, we performed surgery on each other. You hated me sometimes, but stayed for the love. I was tired to breaking, but would never leave. For each other we made a home, and home we will always be.


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