#8 Signs of Life

Sol 27:

We were sent here to find signs of life, the longer I spend on this dust ball, the more certain I grow that we won’t find any. This place could suck the life force out of anything.

Sol 53:

Still nothing. Only three of us left now. Jeffrey was lifted, they needed him back on Earth.

Sol 55:

He never made it. The transport malfunctioned. We’re stuck here until they can send a replacement.

Sol 78:

Something happened. The door was ripped off Hab3. We have to wait for the checks to finish before we investigate.

Sol 78 – later:

Footprints! Claw marks might be more accurate. We’re not alone.

Sol 79:

I’m alone. Sarah was taken last night. Signs of a struggle but no body. John followed the marks in the sand but hasn’t come back.

Sol 80:

There’s a noise outside. A scraping at the door. Good…


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