#19 Swimming

I’m still dry but I’m swimming. Swimming amongst a thousand pinpricks of light. Occasionally something will come shooting past, will brush up against me and leave me tingling. I dive deeper and it begins to grow dark, strange shapes loom before me, alien looking and vast. I get closer to land masses and plumes of steam and gas race towards me, volcanoes down below. Yet, in other parts, huge ice structures fill my view, eclipsing all else. Beyond the ice, colourful giants swirl, surrounded by smaller bodies, orbiting like remoras.

And then day breaks. The sky lightens and my pool drys up. I’ll have to wait for night to go swimming again.


One thought on “#19 Swimming

  1. Dad May 4, 2017 / 4:32 am

    Love this one. Wish I could dream of such things. Then again, perhaps I do?


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