#21 Treasure

“Have you tried over there?”

“Yes.” Of course I have. I’ve tried everywhere. The beach is so covered in holes it looks like a family of giant sand loving moles has moved in.

“Try again.”

“Okay.” There’s no point. We’ll never find it. We have no map, no ‘X’ marks the spot, just what Jamie told us.

“We’ve got to find it Tim. We’ve just got to.”

“I know.” She acts like I don’t want it as well; like I can’t see how much better our lives would be if we could just find the right bit of sand to dig in.

“Tim. Tim! Come quick, I think I’ve got something.”

I run over and sure enough, in a hole at Alice’s feet, a gleam of yellow. “Go get Jamie.” I dig furiously, abandoning the spade and using my hands. I stand up.

“Look Jamie. Daddy’s got your tractor.”


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