#22 The Date

I can’t help thinking that Steph might’ve been right. I wrap my arms tighter around me. I had been hoping for hugs from someone else tonight, but clearly this has all been some prank. Time for my glasses. To hell with looking sexy, the barn is creepy and my librarian specs will at least let me see the crazy old farmer with his blood soaked axe when he inevitably comes to kill me. Having said that, at least people would remember me if I went out with a bit of pizzazz.

Holy shit what was that? Movement.

“Hi Sally.”

It’s Rob, actually Rob! What do I say?


Not that. He’s still getting closer though, not put off by my melting brain. He’s got something in his hands, not an axe, which is good, but not flowers either. Looks like a big metal pole.

“Rob what’s…”


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