#32 A Moustache and a Mountain

“Inside! Inside!”

I think that’s what the man with the terrific moustache was shouting. However, he only spoke German, so it may well have been, ‘There’s a bloody great big landslide about to throw you off this mountain’. His hand gestures could’ve meant either, but his urgency makes me lean towards the former translation.

It was a bloody great big landslide though. Only moments after I had rushed back inside, boulders the size of cars started raining down. After a few more seconds, it seemed to become night as the rocks and mud formed an impenetrable wall in front of the windows.

And then it was over. In barely more time than it had taken me to understand what was happening, it wasn’t happening anymore. I walked outside and the slopes were strewn with mountain debris. Whatever the man and his moustache shouted, I’m very glad they did.


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