#36 Little Bean

I never wanted a brother and yet, there he is, all pink and odd looking. Obviously it isn’t a surprise, Mum has been getting bigger for months. She explained that it was the baby growing inside her, but I still didn’t know what to expect. Gran brought me to the hospital, Dad had dropped me off with her, he told me Mum’s waters had broken and I’d meet the little bean soon. I still don’t know what water breaking means, but it sounds gross, and whatever the pink thing is, it isn’t a bean.

He keeps looking at me, it’s kinda creepy. Mum says it’s because he wants to get to know me, but I’m not sure I feel the same. His skin feels all wrinkly but… wow… he can grip hard!

“Hey, that’s my finger!”

“It’s okay Jason, he’s just saying hi. Wanna hold him?”

“Okay… Mum, he smiled!”


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