#38 ‘Paddling Out’ (Miike Snow) – Trigger Warning

“It started as a walk along the beach. I often do it when I need to clear my head; trudge across the sand, stare out at the sea and let it carry my thoughts off like they’re all written on a parchment scroll stuffed inside a bottle. That day I was closer to the waves than usual. My thoughts felt heavier, unable to bob off on the tide, it felt as though I’d have to throw them like a stone. And then I thought, maybe, if they’re that heavy, it might be easier to let them sink, to paddle out and just let them go. So I started to walk, in a straight line and pointed directly towards the horizon. The water came up above my waist, then my chest and finally, my head.”

“Then you woke here?”

“Then I woke here… I wish I’d stayed asleep.”


One thought on “#38 ‘Paddling Out’ (Miike Snow) – Trigger Warning

  1. Dad May 23, 2017 / 10:05 pm

    I really liked this. I’m not sure I understand the ending but I like mulling over what it might mean.


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