#43 ‘Outerworlds’ (Ravenna Woods)

“Abe, I’ve worked it out.”

“Worked what out?”

“Why we can’t remember.”

“What are you going on about George? Remember what?”


Both men had been raised on Earth until the age of three, at which point and thanks to some genetic trickery, they were deemed physically mature, put in stasis and shipped out to one of the Outerworld systems. Everyone’s life started that way.

“We weren’t kids when we came here. We should remember Earth, but we don’t. No one does.”


“So there must be a reason.”

“I guess.”

Abe didn’t like to think too much. Do your job, get fed, go home. That may as well have been the Outerworlds motto.

“Abe, they don’t want us to remember because on Earth we were free. Here we’ve never been anything but slaves. I want to be free. I want to remember. I want to go home.”


One thought on “#43 ‘Outerworlds’ (Ravenna Woods)

  1. Dad May 28, 2017 / 5:00 am

    Like this one. Could be the initial part of a trailer for a film. One for a future novel?


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