#49 Someone Else’s Legs

“Ben! Get back here you little shit. I’ll tell Mum.”

“I don’t care!” I ran. Have you ever had that feeling where you run so fast that your legs start to feel like they belong to someone else? Well that’s how fast I went.

I crossed the street, a car slammed its brakes, the squealing noise alerting me that it was even there. I was fine though, safely to the other side. Then I heard the thud.

Screams. Screams from all around. And Sarah, lying in the road in front of the car.

“I’m sorry Sarah. I didn’t mean it.” She didn’t move. Then I saw the blood.

“Sarah, Sarah please! Get up, get up!”

“Move back sonny.” Mr Jeffries from across the street was behind me, pulling me away. “You can’t help her.”

“I have to. Her legs. They were pointing the wrong way. They looked like someone else’s.”


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