#60 Commuting

I’m in carriage two, I need to be in four. I’ve got a minute until my stop. If I get in position, I can get out by the stairs, run to the top, and win commuting.

But my rivals have laid traps.

In front of me is a pool of liquid, I think it’s called Starbucksonium. Do I jump or wade? One risks throwing me off course, the other promises a sticky shoe, a potentially disastrous distraction.

I jump.


Next, a bagslide. Insurmountable. I scrabble and pull and throw them out of the way, ignoring many a disgruntled cry.

I’m through.

And here’s my stop. But wait, we’re sailing past the stairs. It’s a four carriage train, I thought it was eight. I’ve gone too far. Some smug man summits the stairs first, so arrogant in his victory he doesn’t even acknowledge it.

Tomorrow, I will have my vengeance.


One thought on “#60 Commuting

  1. Dad June 15, 2017 / 6:37 pm

    A lot of fun and not just because it has a train in it!


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