#61 Drifting

Sometimes people just drift apart, fall out of love, go their own ways. We’d come to that point months ago and we both knew it. Of course, there had been tears, there’d been shouting, been accusations and apologies. That stuff can’t be helped, even when both sides agree its for the best, ripping apart a life will always be painful.

Not as painful as this car journey though. I look across at the passenger seat, she sits there, curled up, eyes closed. Peaceful. I just want it to be over. A police car rushes by, lights flashing and sirens blazing.

We pull up at the lakeside. We’d camped here on our first trip together, its only fitting it should end here too. I pull the bag over her face, tie stones to her ankles and carry her into the water.

“Goodbye Jane, I’m sorry things didn’t work out.”


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