#71 Laughter is the Best Poison

I remember my dad’s laugh. He was a big man with a booming voice, but when something tickled him, he’d giggle like a school girl. As a child, I’d sit on his lap and laugh as he laughed, not knowing why, just enjoying his joy. As an adult, I’ve never laughed like that. I’ve never been brave enough.

Some people tell me they laugh in their homes but they’re fools. If they don’t think they’re being watched there too, they don’t deserve to live. Laughter is outlawed, mirth is deemed a poison to society. To productivity more importantly. Laughter, happiness, joy; robots don’t feel them and all they went us to be is robots. We’d have been replaced by mechanical men long ago if all the metal wasn’t needed for the wars. So on we go.

I dream of laughing so I can die with a smile upon my face.


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