#75 Halfway

My feet are tired and my legs are sore. I bend and rub the back of my calfs. When I lift my hand away it is covered in dust and dirt. It’s been a long walk. I started by the ocean, it’s waves and blue waters so inviting , but I turned my back in it and headed in land. Over mountains and rivers I went, through grassland and moors. I’m still only halfway. I’ll finish by the ocean again, a different ocean. Across the continent.

I want to see the world and find my place in it. I want to prove that I can achieve something, that I can push myself to do new things. I want to forget. Forget who I was and forget that you ever went away. The pain is still there, but fading. I’m halfway.


One thought on “#75 Halfway

  1. Dad June 30, 2017 / 4:28 am

    A beautiful piece and an impressive milestone reached. Halfway. Well done Adam. This is my busiest time of year so it has been a particular pleasure to steal away a few minutes to escape from one world into …., well thats one of the joys, into a surprise as you have produced such a wonderful varied collection.


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