#80 Courage

Often I call you brave,
Or strong,
Or other words that mean the same.
You always argue.
You say you aren’t brave,
Or strong,
Or any of those other things.
You say you’re scared,
Of things that might happen,
And the things that already have.
But its true what they say,
You can’t be brave without being scared.
You need to be one to be the other.
It’s not bravery
To do something that doesn’t worry you,
Or pose a threat,
That doesn’t get your heart beating a little quicker.
And you’ve faced so much,
You’ve faced it and won.
You’ve come out the other side,
You might have been scared,
But you did it any way.
And that’s bravery,
That’s strength,
That’s courage.


One thought on “#80 Courage

  1. Dad July 5, 2017 / 5:13 am

    Beautiful heart warming prose.


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