#90 The Easy One

You could feel the silence, other than a few stray cheers, it was nearly complete.

“On your marks.”

The silence got louder, heavy with anticipation.

“Get set.”

The last few shouts for luck.


Only the first half of the bang from the starter’s pistol could be heard as the roar of the crowd swelled to overcome it. The start was even, perhaps you were even behind, but within a few strokes of your arms, your front wheel was ahead. By 30 metres it was a chair length, by 50 you were clear. At 100, 17.18 seconds and a world record later, the crown rose to cheer your name.

This was the ‘easy race’ you said to the awestruck interviewer afterwards. Fastest time ever and a gold medal, I think we all wish for an easy day like that.


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