#95 1000 Eyes

I look at you and I wonder, what have you seen? 2000 years old, you were there for the rise and fall of an empire, the rise and decline of another of sorts. You were built so within your walls, people could be entertained, but now it is your walls that provide the entertainment. People come and stare at you, they marvel that you’ve survived so long. Many probably look at you longest through a screen. I did. You can have no idea what that means. You were never built to be on a screen, you were designed to contain tableaux, to hold that art yourself.

I also wonder what you will see when I am gone. A thousand eyes have looked at you and mine are just another two. Do us little folk, us people, really matter to you when you will see a thousand more?


One thought on “#95 1000 Eyes

  1. Dad July 19, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    Love it. What tales could it tell. Lovely piece.


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