#99 Demon Blue

The sky might be blue, but there is something ominous about the clouds. They seem to promise violence. It’s hard to say whether the men of the rock are cowering away from whatever is coming or clawing at it. Either way, it seems to spell danger. The heat burns like the fires of hell, unforgiving and inescapable. The very air seems to press you down as if trying to force you into that flaming underworld.

People gather all around, seemingly unaware of what must surely be to come. They seem happy; laughter and chatter are matched by smiling faces and the kisses of lovers. They are drawn to this spot, as if by demonic intent.

That and the signposts. For some reasons this is a tourist hotspot, it is very beautiful I suppose. And the heat isn’t so bad in the shade. Perhaps the sky is just blue after all.


One thought on “#99 Demon Blue

  1. Dad July 24, 2017 / 9:47 am

    Hi A. Loving yr pics and prose from Rome. So tripple figures for the next post. What a great city to be able to send it from. LD


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