#109 Face Off

We stood staring at each other, unblinking. To let an eyelid even twitch would’ve been a sign of weakness. I’m told the moment lasted mere seconds, but it felt like a yawning chasm of time into which whole eras of humanity might have fallen. Neither of us would’ve noticed, so intent we were on facing down our opponent.

A slight movement of the hand, was he going for it? Could I react in time? A feint. Meant as a test, a judgment of my reflexes. A smile crept over his face, obviously pleased by the outcome of his little experiment. “Don’t underestimate me” I thought.

Quick as lightning I thrust out my hand, felt it grip around my prize and then, as a look of despondent comprehension swept over his face, I held it aloft.

“Fancy sharing?” I said.

“Yeah, alright.” He replied.

It was the last donut after all.


One thought on “#109 Face Off

  1. Dad August 4, 2017 / 4:20 am

    A great story, tension in the beginning and then fun at the end. Clever.


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