#111 How To Start?

How to start?

You might say that was the start.
It wasn’t.
It was just a question.
It was what comes before the beginning.
Not the beginning of the beginning,
That’s the start.

It was a start though.
The thing that enables the beginning to begin.
An announcement of intent,
A provocation of thought.
What came before it was the end.
The end of whatever had started previously.

It was also the middle.
The middle of what had happened,
And what will happen.
Of what will happen when I start.

Which I haven’t.

I still don’t know how to start.
(This happens a lot.)
When I can’t start,
I stop.

I begin again,
A new beginning,
The end of the other one.
So this is my end:

How to start?


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