#112 Make You Proud

It’s been a year, but it still surprises me. It wasn’t so much a surprise at the time, I think we all saw it coming, but I can’t help feeling a little twinge of shock every time I realise you are no longer there. No longer sitting in your chair, falling asleep when no one else would, no longer on the other end of a phone line, waiting to chat, no longer around to give me advise and tell me you’re proud.

And I do hope you are proud. I don’t believe that you still exist anywhere, not in a physical sense, or even a spiritual one, but I like to think that if you were here, you’d be pleased with what I’ve done. It’s so hard to think I can’t share any of this with you, but I’ll keep going, I’ll keep trying to make you proud.


One thought on “#112 Make You Proud

  1. Dad August 6, 2017 / 5:28 am

    A wonderful moving piece. Beautiful.


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