#114 I Want To Be An Astronaut

When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut. It wasn’t an original dream, but it was mine. (My really original dream was to be a roller-skating coal-man. I think the skates would have helped efficiency but, unfortunately, there isn’t much call for a coal deliverer anymore.) I went to the National Space Centre on a school trip and got pulled aside with a few others for special astronaut training. I had the best eyesight and reaction times, both of which are apparently very important.

But the dream went away. I don’t know why or when but real life practicalities must’ve set in. And that’s sad. Why did I have to think practically when I was a kid? I still do it too much now. I want to be more in the moment, not always worrying about what comes next. I want to be an astronaut.


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