#122 Backwards and Forwards

I look back on where we’ve come from and wonder how we got here. Now here is a wonderful place. We’ve made ourselves a home and it’s full of love and friendship and laughter. Back there, on the other hand, was hard. It took more work from either of us than I ever knew I at least was capable of. You were so strong though. That’s what got us through, whatever you might think. We grafted and bled, sweated and shed tears. I always knew it was worth it, that you were worth it, even when you didn’t believe that of yourself. But still, looking at it from now, I can’t believe what we accomplished.

I don’t look back too often though. Not because it scares me or is too hard see, but because I spend my time looking forward. Forward at my future with you.


One thought on “#122 Backwards and Forwards

  1. Dad August 16, 2017 / 6:13 am

    A lovely uplifting piece of prose.


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