#123 Rhyming is Best

This is a poem,
But it’s no fucking good.
Don’t read it, it’s shit,
Try a walk in the wood.

But wait, look hard,
Inside there may be,
A slither of meaning,
I hope you’ll agree.

I love to write,
But poems are hard.
What I’ve learnt so far:
I’m no fucking bard.

But I think what shows,
Is that rhyming is best.
Don’t laugh at this point,
It isn’t in jest.

Without a rhyme,
A poem just sucks.
Although with word order,
Sometimes it fucks.

Did you see what I did,
In the stanza above?
It was sort of a joke,
Random word, crap, dove.

I’ve now tried my hand,
At writing these words.
But I don’t think it’s one,
For you poetry nerds.

But this is my style,
I like to have fun.
No more though I say,
This poem is done.


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