#137 Jesus on Your Toast

When you were a kid, did you lie on your back and see what shapes you could find in the clouds? I think everyone does it. If not the clouds, then maybe you saw a face in your mash potato, a dog in some smoke, Jesus on your toast. I once saw Michael Jackson in steam on a mirror. Did you know that that phenomenon, that moment of spotting a familiar pattern somewhere that pattern can’t really exist, is called pareidolia? Did you know it comes from the Greek words ‘para’, meaning alongside, or in this case wrong, and ‘eidōlon’ meaning image? I bet you didn’t, I had to use Wikipedia.

When I look up to the clouds now though, I don’t see shapes and I don’t see the ‘wrong-image’. I don’t see anything because I’m only ever looking for the right image, and she went away.


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