#139 Snow

The snow don’t so much crunch as squelch beneath Henry’s feet.

“Finally, its thawing.” Henry had long ago taken to talking to himself. He had decided that it represented a saner kind of insanity than a complete absence of human voices would’ve caused.

The quickly melting snow didn’t help him move any faster though. Instead of marching on top of compacted ice crystals, every step now proved a rescue mission for his legs as the quagmire of slush and mud tried to hold them tight.

Suddenly he stopped, and looked around. Footsteps. Not human, not always. Henry tried to run, knowing it would be no good. Their paws were much better suited to the terrain. He could tell they were close, the howls confirmed it.

There was a wolf in front of him.

“Hello Henry.”

It was a wolf no more.


One thought on “#139 Snow

  1. Dad September 2, 2017 / 5:48 am

    Really enjoyed this one. I do like the twists that you do at the end of some of your stories. Makes me feel I have reached the end of a chapter in a novel rather than just reading a short story.


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