#141 From The Notebook of Hercule Cluedo (Pt. 1)

There has been a murder at the mansion of Dr Black and I have been called in to investigate. Dr Black was hosting five of his friends, an eclectic group comprised of the Rev. Green, a local priest, Colonel Mustard, Black’s commanding officer in Africa, Miss Scarlet, a prominent beauty down from London, Mrs Peacock, a wealthy widower, and Prof. Plum, Black’s long-time research partner. Mrs White, the housekeeper, was also at the residence when the crime was committed.

Dr Black was found by Mrs White in the conservatory just before dinner was to begin. His head had been caved in by a blunt object and, upon my arrival, I found a blood and grease covered wrench in the mud of the garden near by. Any prints that may have been there were washed away by the dreadful rain that so plagued my journey here.

My investigations continue.


One thought on “#141 From The Notebook of Hercule Cluedo (Pt. 1)

  1. Dad September 3, 2017 / 9:32 pm

    Really looking forward to how this will unfold.


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