#142 From The Notebook of Hercule Cluedo (Pt. 2): Interview with the Reverend Green, recorded verbatim

I was in my room in the North Wing, as I had been since breakfast. When I heard Mrs White’s screams, I rushed out and met Colonel Mustard on the stairs. I was momentarily surprised that the Professor was not there too, as his room is adjacent to mine, but I suppose he was busy with his experiments.

I had kept myself to myself all day as Dr Black had asked me to give a service and I needed to prepare. I was to use a passage from Hebrews regarding forgiveness, 10:12-14. The Colonel had suggested it. I wonder why he was so concerned with forgiveness on the day of such a horrible murder? To tell the truth, I had seen the Colonel and the Doctor having an argument earlier. It’s all rather suspicious, don’t you think?

Note: The Reverend had a grease stain on his trousers.


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