#147 From The Notebook of Hercule Cluedo (Pt. 7): Interview with Mrs Peacock, recorded verbatim

I had planned to go for a walk for a moment of privacy. Of course, the rain interfered with that scheme, so I spent some time wondering about the house instead.

(I asked if she remembered seeing Miss Scarlet.)

Yes, I do believe we crossed paths. Near the conservatory actually. She was standing still, rolling a small object in her palms. I did not see what it was.

(I recounted Mrs White’s assertion that her door had been locked.)

I went back to change before dinner and touch up my lipstick. I did not want to get walked in on, I am a lady of modesty, a good Christian. It’s a shame the same cannot be said for the Reverend. Perhaps if he spent more time praying and less time playing with his car and all those silly tools, this might never have happened.

Note: Mrs Peacock wears pink lipstick.


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