#148 From The Notebook of Hercule Cluedo (Pt. 8): The Revelation, recorded verbatim

After my deliberations, one thing is clear; any one of you might have been the killer.

However, only one of you is. I will confess, you led me a merry dance. Repeatedly I felt sure I had solved it, only to be waylaid by another revelation. Mrs White, the housekeeper, in love with her master, consistently knocked back, if the Colonel’s accounts of the Doctor’s troubles with you are to be believed. Motive? Definitely, but I am convinced your heart is true.

Professor Plum and Mrs Peacock, both so disappointed not to be able to go for a walk in the grounds, neither telling me the whole truth. Dishonest? Yes, but killers? No. Lovers? Most definitely!

And the Reverend Green, the weapon used to perform this terrible act belongs to you, I think, but the crime does not.

So that leaves two, the Colonel and Miss Scarlet.

To be continued…


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