#150 From The Notebook of Hercule Cluedo (Pt. 10): The Revelation, recorded verbatim

So which one of you committed this heinous crime? The abandoned daughter, forced to grow up alone; or the commanding officer, angered by his soldier’s refusal to do what is right? I assume that is why you quarrelled Colonel? You were aggrieved that your friend did not live up to a soldier’s honour? Did your anger spill over into violence?

And Miss Scarlet, why did you come here to this little gathering? I doubt your father invited you. So it was on the Colonel’s wishes, but why did you want to meet with a man who so clearly wanted nothing to do with you? Why now, after all these years?

Murder! That is the reason. You knew the Colonel would legitimise you, and if you could not claim your father’s love, you wished to claim his estate. I’m sorry to say, now, you have lost it all.


One thought on “#150 From The Notebook of Hercule Cluedo (Pt. 10): The Revelation, recorded verbatim

  1. Dad September 12, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    So it was Miss Scarlet! What a great way to reach 150/150. Your writing has given a lot of pleasure. 150 consecutive days of writing. Amazing. An incredible range of prose and poetry – I am in particular so impressed with how so often you were able to provoke discussion, curiosity, intrigue, saddness and joy with so few words at yr disposal. A terrific achievement. Novel next? Please.


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